Fall protection flooring made from waste tire

About us

We started our waste management activity in 1995. Our main goal is environmental recycling of waste. We produce granules from rubber waste, which provides excellent raw material for the production of various products. Our fall protection products have been distributed throughout Europe for years. Our main activities are:


Most products are made of recycled rubber granules (SBR). The natural rubber is black and, if necessary, the surface is colored. At the request of our customers, we use colored EPDM granules for our products.

  • Size:

    Standard rubber sheets are 50x50, 100x100 and 110x110cm.
  • Particle size:

    The granules on the sheet's surface are 1-3 mm in diameter.
  • Colours:

    Originally we offer 6 standard colors (SBR), but the products can be ordered in 22 bright and UV-resistant color (EPDM).
  • Bottom side design:

    This determines the drainage capability, noise and resonance attenuation properties, and the applicability of the products on different receiving surfaces (eg sand, concrete, gravel)
  • Fall protection:

    The soft, flexible surface of the rubber sheets minimizes the risk caused from falls on playgrounds and swimming pools.
  • Non-skid:

    The surface of the products is slightly rough, walking on it is safer than on a cold covering or wet concrete.
  • Joints friendly:

    The soft, flexible surface spares the joints of the athletes.
  • Thermal insulation:

    Enhances user comfort.
  • Noise and resonance attenuator:

    This feature of the products makes them particularly popular in sports facilities.
  • Waterproof:

    The sheets let the water pass through, and even after the rain on the surface, there are no puddles, they dry quickly.
  • Robustus structure:

    All our fall protection rubber sheets have a strong, long life.
  • Permited:

    The products meet all international standards.
  • Environmental awareness:

    We produce from tires declared as waste, and we also work with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
  • Wide palette:

    You can choose the best product according to the height of the playground equipment and other aspects.
  • Playgrounds:

    The thickness recommended depending on the height of playground equipment minimizes the risks caused by falls.
  • Sport facalities:

    To spare athletes' joints, reduce sound and resonance.
  • Swimming pools and terraces:

    The rough surface provides a non-slip surface, and due to their water-permeable properties, there are no puddles.
  • Riding halls:

    Joint protection and insulation.
  • Playground Contractors

  • Playground equipment distributors and manufacturers

  • Holiday parks, adventure parks

  • Kindergartens, schools

  • Nursing homes, hospitals

  • Sports facilities

  • Sports equipment wholesalers and manufacturers

  • Horse riding and horse riding companies

  • Advertisements:

    Paid ads and free PR articles in magazines and thematic websites.
  • Exhibitions:

    We regularly attend major European trade fairs (Galabau, FIBO).
  • Telemarketing:

    Purchased and self-built databases by region and by target group.
  • Email marketing:

    Purchased and self-built databases by region and by target group. Unique offers, no circular!
  • Website:

    We are constantly improving our websites. For each business line, we dedicated a separate multilingual web port with an integrated webshop.
  • Printed content:

    Leaflets, catalogs, dm newsletters.
  • Sample folders:

    Delivering presentation sets to resellers to showcase the colors and surfaces of the products we sell.
  • POS tools:

    Product presentation stands and displays for striking store placements.
  • Social media:

    Facebook campaigns with broader products, e.g. fall protection rubber sheets for household, gym and terrace.
  • Sales Representatives:

    Our regional representatives regularly visit existing and potential partners in their territory.

World Patent - Puzzle 3D

Our innovation team is constantly exploring and following the needs of the market. Based on our customers' feedback, we decided to develop a product that is easier to install, reducing labor costs and preventing installation errors. Our latest innovation is revolutionizing the fall protection market.

The disadvantage with traditional plastic stiffeners is the more difficult installation and the potential sources of error. The unevenness on the surface can cause the sheets to slip. The newest feature eliminates these errors, the elements can be easily connected, and the connections provide a precise, predetermined distance. Due to the "3D intermediate elements", the interlocking of the tiles is not only in horizontal, but also in vertical direction; The surface does not have to be carefully prepared as in the case of conventional fall protection boards, and the laying can be done more quickly, thus reducing costs.



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